Academic Sessions :

1. Dr. Prashant P. Kulkarni, “Coins of Rajputana” (Senior Numismatist of Nagpur and author of several numismatic books).
2. Mr. Deepak Haritwal, “Coins of Jaipur State” (Senior Numismatist, and is writing a book on coins of Jaipur State).
3. Dr. Prince Kumar Uppal, (Numismatist, Department of Archaeology and Museums, Govt. of Rajasthan, Jaipur) .
4. Mr. Girish J. Veera, “Glimpses of 2500 Years of Indian Coinage” (Senior Numismatic Auctioneer of Mumbai).
5. Adv. Shailesh P. Jain, “An Unrecorded Series of Copper Paisa of Jaipur State” (Senior Numismatist of Rajasthan).
6. Mr. Girish Sharma, “प्राचीन भारतके अनोखे और अनजाने सिक्के = Unique and Unpublished Coins of Ancient India (Senior Numismatist of Madhya Pradesh)
7. Mr. Rajesh Paharia, "Nu-Philately, Philately through Numismatics" (Senior Philatelist of Jaipur).
8. Dr. Akshay Jain, “गुप्तवंश और राजस्थान” = Gupta Empire and Rajasthan (Ph. D. in Numismatics)
9. Dr. Pankaj Ameta , "मेवाड़ के सिक्कों के कुछ अनछुए तथ्य = Some Unknown Facts of Mewad Numismatics (Assignment Professor, B. N. University, Udaipur)

Book Release & Other Activities :

A. “The Coinage of Republic India – Coins after the British Raj (1950-2018)”, by Arpit Gupta .
B. “Bhartiya Sikkon ka Itihas” by Dr. Neelkamal Maheshwari .
C. The Exhibition at the Coinex-Jaipur will display some exclusive coins of Jaipur State and other dynasties of India. Some exquisite stamps and philatelic material will also be on display for the connoisseurs of Indian heritage. The Exhibition is open to all for all the three days.
D. Presentation of “Lifetime Achievement Award” to Shri Prakashchandra Kothari of Jaipur for his life-long dedication in preserving and collecting coins of Jaipur State.